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Hank's Your Health and the Stars

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A great deal of work has been carried out over the past hundred or so years trying to establish definite links to health and astrological influences. It used to be regarded, rather like religion: either you believe in it or you don’t. Personal choice.

The reality is that as evidence has stacked up to support the notion that the stars or planets do have an influence on health and personality, it becomes more difficult to ignore. Too much has already been said about statistics for me to add to it, except to say that the sheer volume of people of like astrological signs experiencing the same or similar health maladies warrants attention.

What I’ve tried to do with this chapter is correlate all the cumulative evidence with my own clinical practice. If your sign predisposes you to any specific malady, e.g. Leos and high blood pressure, we might be able to circumvent it by taking remedial action in advance.

            Let’s go!

March 21-April 20

Some Famous Aries People


21 Timothy Dalton (actor), Matthew Broderick (actor) Johann Sebastian Bach (composer), Modest Mussorgsky (composer), Ronaldinho (footballer), Gary Oldman (actor)

22 William Shatner (actor), Reese Witherspoon (actor), Karl Malden (actor)

23 Joan Crawford (actress), Chaka Khan (singer)

24 William Morris (designer), Harry Houdini (escapologist), Steve McQueen (actor), Alan Sugar (entrepreneur)

25 Arturo Toscanini (conductor), Aritha Franklin (singer), Elton John (singer), Beta Bartok (composer), Sarah Jessica Parker (actor)

26 James Caan (actor), Robert Frost (poet), Diana Ross (singer), Keira Knightley (actor)

27 Michael York (actor), Mariah Carey (singer), Sarah Vaughan (singer), Jessie J (singer), QuentinTarantino (director)

28 Julia Stiles (actress), Lady Gaga (singer)

29 Pearl Bailey (singer), Elle Macpherson (model)

30 Eric Clapton (singer), Vincent Van Gogh (artist), Warren Beatty (actor), Robbie Coltrane (actor)

31 Richard Chamberlain (actor), Shirley Jones (actress), Christopher Walken (actor), Rene Descartes (philosopher), Joseph Hadyn (composer), Ewan McGregor (actor)



1 Debbie Reynolds (actress), Ali MacGraw (actress), Abraham Maslow (psychologist), Randy Orton (wrestler), Susan Boyle (singer)

2 Hans Christian Andersen (writer), Alec Guinness (actor)

3 Marlon Brando (actor), Doris Day (actress), Eddie Murphy (actor), Alec Baldwin (actor)

4 Arthur Hailey (writer), Anthony Perkins (actor), David Blaine (illusionist), Robert Downey Jr (actor)

5 Spencer Tracy (actor), Gregory Peck (actor), Bette Davis (actress), Colin Powell (general/US Secretary of State)

6 Andre Previn (conductor)

7 James Garner (actor), Francis Ford Coppola (director), Billie Holliday (singer), Russell Crowe (actor), Jackie Chan (actor), David Frost (TV presenter)

8 Dennis Quaid (actor), Patricia Arquette (actor), Kofi Annan (UN Secretary General)

9 Claude Baudelaire (writer), Mary Pickford (actress), Hugh Hefner (publisher)

10 Omar Sharif (actor), Steven Seagal (actor), Max Von Sidow (actor)

11 Joel Grey (actor)

12 David Letterman (TV host), Shannan Doherty (actor), Andy Garcia (actor)

13 Thomas Jefferson (President), Samuel Beckett (playwright)

14 John Gielgud (actor), Julie Christie (actress), Sarah Michelle Geller (actor)

15 Henry James (writer), Leonardo da Vinci (sculptor), Emma Watson (actor), Emma Thompson (actor)

16 Peter Ustinov (actor), Henry Mancini (composer), Charlie Chaplin (actor), Ellen Barkin (actor)

17 William Holden (actor), Nikita Krushchev (USSR President), Victoria Beckham (singer/fashion designer)

18 James Woods (actor), Leopold Stowkowski (coductor), Eric Roberts (actor)

19 Dudley Moore (actor), Maria Sharapova (tennis player), Ashley Judd (actor)

20 Adolf Hitler (dictator), Joan Miró (artist), Jessica Lange (actress)


Act first, think later, seems to typify people of this sign. That’s why they make good, natural leaders. They are loaded with courage and never hesitate to expose themselves to danger if they think the cause is justified. It’s no accident that the Ram is their astrological symbol, and they can be very headstrong and impulsive.

It is this trait that makes others regard them as thoughtless and uncaring, and this is sometimes the case. They must have their independence to pursue the course they have decided on. They have a natural pioneering spirit and enjoying being the first to do something special … to go where others have either baulked or simply failed.

They do, nevertheless have an ability to remain focused on their objective, and only a fool would bet against them. Despite their quick temper, their anger is usually short-lived. They tend to forgive and forget without having to consciously make an effort to do so.


For description of problems and treatments, see Treatments – page X

The following conditions have been found to be common among people born under this sign:

  • Anxiety
  • Glaucoma
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Psoriasis
  • Depression
  • Menstrual difficulties
  • Epilepsy
  • Hypoglycaemia
  • Frigidity (females)




April 20-May 20


Some famous Taurus people


21        Elizabeth II (Queen), Catherine the Great (Empress), Charlotte Bronte (writer)

22        Immanuel Kant (philosopher), Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (President, USSR), Vladimir Nabokov (writer), Jack Nicholson (actor), Yehudi Menhuin (violinist)

23        William Shakespeare (playwright), Shirley Temple (actress)

24        Shirley MacLaine (actress), Barbra Streisand (actress/singer)

25        Al Pacino (actor), Ella Fitzgerald (singer)

26        Michael Damian (actor)

27        Samuel Morse (inventor), Martin Luther King, Jr. (leader)

28        Odette Sanson (spy), Jay Leno (TV host), Ann-Margret (actress)

29        Mehta Zubin (conductor), Uma Thurman (actress), Duke Ellington (musician), Andre Agassi (tennis), Daniel Day-Lewis (actor), Michelle Pfeiffer (actress)

30        Jill Clayburgh (actress)


1          Duke of Wellington (militarist)

2          Bing Crosby (singer)

3          Niccolo Machiavelli (philosopher)

4          Audrey Hepburn (actress)

5          Oliver Cromwell (revolutionary), Karl Marx (revolutionary)

6          Maximilian Robespierre (revolutionary), Sigmund Freud (psychoanalyst), Rudolph Valentino (actor), Orson Welles (actor), Stewart Granger (actor)

7          Johannes Brahms (composer), Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (composer), Gary Cooper (actor), Eva Peron (dictator)

8          Harry S. Truman (US President)

9          Michael J. Fox (actor), Glenda Jackson (actress)

10        Fred Astaire (actor)

11        Irving Berlin (composer), Salvadore Dali (artist)

12        Jeddu Krishnamurti (spiritual leader), Florence Nightingale (humanitarian), Katherine Hepburn (actress)

13        Harvey Keitel (actor), Stevie Wonder (singer), Dennis Rodman (basketball)

14        Bobby Darin (singer), Thomas Gainsborough (artist), George Lucas (director)

15        Madeleine Albright (US Secretary of State)

16        Henry Fonda (actor), Liberace (entertainer), Pierce Brosnan (actor)

17        Maureen O’Sullivan (actress)

18        Pope John Paul II (pope), Margot Fonteyn (ballerina)

19        James Fox (actor)

20        Honore Balzac (writer), James Stewart (actor), Cher (singer/actress)



Close behind the Ram comes the Bull and one could expect even greater fireworks. Not so. People born in this sign tend to be slow to anger and are content with a slower, more studied approach. Contrary to common beliefs, they are reluctant to get easily riled, but don’t ever push them too far! Get them really angry and they’ll make short work of you.

            They are very down-to-earth, like their creature comforts, and have a steady but sure determination to succeed. Despite their apparent slow progress, they are going to rise to the top in their chosen field. They are appreciative of beauty, which makes them artistic by nature. They can be materialistic, which might be their way of attaining security.



For description of health problems and treatments listed below, see Appendix A.

·         Osteoarthritis, page 69

·         Osteoporosis, 70

·         Asthma, 32

·         Bronchitis, 36

·         Cystitis, 39

·         Anaemia, 29

·         Indigestion, 52

·         Irritable bowel syndrome, 54

·         Dysphagia, 43

·         Otitis, 71




May 21-June 20


Some famous Gemini people


21        Robert Montgomery (actor), Harold Robbins (writer)

22        Richard Wagner (composer), Arthur Conan Doyle (writer), Lawrence Oliver (actor)

23        Franze Mesmer (hypnotist), Rosemary Clooney (singer), Joan Collins (actress)

24        Victoria (Queen), Bob Dylan (singer)

25        Claudio Monteverdi (composer), Ralph Waldo Emerson (writer)

26        Mary (Queen), Peggy Lee (singer), Al Jolson (singer)

27        Isadora Duncan (dancer), Vincent Price (actor), Christopher Lee (actor), Henry Kissinger (statesman), Wild Bill Hickok (frontiersman)

28        Ian Fleming (writer)

29        Bob Hope (comedian), John F. Kennedy (US President)

30        Joan of Arc (heroine)

31        Clint Eastwood (actor), Prince Rainier III (royalty)


1          Marilyn Monroe (actress)

2          Johnny Weissmuller (actor)

3          George V (King), Tony Curtis (actor) Josephine Baker (entertainer)

4          Bruce Dern (actor)

5          Kenny G (musician)

6          Thomas Mann (writer), Bjorn Börg (tennis)

7          Paul Gaugin (artist), Tom Jones (singer), Liam Neeson (actor), Prince (singer)

8          Robert Schumann (composer), Joan Rivers (comedienne)

9          Cole Porter (composer), Johnny Depp (actor), Helena Rubinstein (cosmetics)

10        Ivan Velikovsky (writer), Judy Garland (actress/singer), Elizabeth Hurley (actress)

11        Jacques Costeau (oceanologist), Gene Wilder (actor)

12        Anthony Eden (politician), Anne Frank (writer), George Bush (US President)

13        William Butler Yeats (poet), Basil Rathbone (actor)

14        Steffi Graf (tennis), Harriette Beecher Stowe (writer)

15        James Belushi (actor), Mario Cuomo (novelist)

16        Joyce Carol Oates (writer), Stan Laurel (actor)

17        Igor Stravinsky (composer), Barry Manilow (singer)

18        Paul McCartney (singer/composer), Isabella Rosselini (actress)

19        Gina Rowlands (actress), Salman Rushdie (writer)

20        Errol Flynn (actor), Audie Murphy (actor), Lionel Richie (singer), Nicole Kidman (actress)



Twins make typically good sharers, and they make excellent communicators, which stems from their willingness to share. They tend to be social creatures, full of enthusiasm for their latest deeds or projects and excited to let others know. Ideas are continually flooding through them, which makes it more difficult for them to focus and concentrate for long periods of time.

            They love to play games and are very skilled at it. They are alert, very adaptable, but also tend to be somewhat superficial because their minds are constantly flitting from one subject or interest to another. They love new things and new discoveries, which leads them to travelling a lot. They are great talkers, can be very funny and witty, and most people take to them easily.



For a description and treatment of the conditions listed below, please go to Appendix A.

·         Anxiety, stress, page 30

·         Rheumatoid arthritis, 73

·         Dermatitis, 48

·         Epilepsy, 65

·         Menstrual difficulties, 60



June 21-July 22


Some famous Cancer people


21        Jean Paul Sartre (writer)

22        Meryl Streep (actress)

23        Frances McDormand (actress)

24        Jack Dempsey (boxer)

25        George Orwell (writer), Carly Simon (singer)

26        Eleanor Parker (actress)

27        Ross Perot (financier), Helen Keller (activist)

28        Henry VIII (King), Mel Brooks (actor)

29        Gary Busey (actor)

30        Susan Hayward (actress), Lena Horne (singer), Mike Tyson (boxer)


1          Princess Diana (royalty), Leslie Caron (actress), Olivia de Haviland (actress), Genevieve Bujold (actress), Debbie Harry (singer)

2          José Canseco (baseball)

3          Tom Cruise (actor)

4          Eva Marie Saint (actress)

5          P.T. Barnum (showman), Jean Cocteau (writer)

6          Sylvester Stallone (actor), George W. Bush (US President), Janet Leigh (actress)

7          Ringo Starr (musician), Gina Lollobrigida (actress)

8          Kevin Bacon (actor), Nelson Rockefeller (industrialist)

9          Tom Hanks (actor), Nicola Tesla (inventor), Barbara Cartland (novelist)

10        Arthur Ashe (tennis)

11        Giorgio Armani (designer), John Quincy Adams (US President)

12        Oscar Hammerstein II (composer), Henry David Thoreau (writer/philosopher)

13        Harrison Ford (actor)

14        Gerald Ford (US President), Ingmar Bergman (director), Emmyline Pankhurst (suffragist)

15        Rembrandt Van Rijn (artist)

16        Ginger Rogers (actress/dancer), Barbara Stanwyck (actress)

17        James Cagney (actor), Donald Sutherland (actor)

18        Nelson Mandela (statesman)

19        Edgar Dégas (artist)

20        Natalie Wood (actress), Carlos Sanatana (musician)

21        Robin Williams (actor), Isaac Stern (violinist), Ernest Hemingway (writer)

22        Terrence Stamp (actor)



Like to feel needed and because of this, they are very family-minded and make good friends. They don’t like to let go, of friends or things. Have memories like elephants and tend to be excessively sensitive and touchy. Are inclined to take things personally.

            Usually skirt around issues and have difficulty making a direct approach. Can be evasive, but once they’ve got something – or somebody – in their grasp they never let go. They also have fertile imaginations, with a great desire to collect.



For description and treatment of conditions listed below, please go to Appendix A.

·         Depression, page 40

·         Bronchitis, 36

·         Thrush, 75

·         Impotence (males), 57

·         Parkinson’s disease, 66

·         Obesity, 67

·       Female orgasmic difficulties, 43


July 23-August 22

Some famous Leo people


23        Woody Harrelson (actor)

24        Robert Graves (writer), Alexandre Dumas (writer), Jennifer Lopez (singer/actress), Simon Bolivar  (Liberator)

25        Walter Payton (US footballer)

26        George Bernard Shaw (writer), Aldous Huxley  (writer), Andre Maurois (writer), Carl Jung (psychoanalyst), Mick Jagger (singer), Sandra Bullock (actress), Pearl Buck (writer)

27        Joshua Reynolds (artist)

28        Beatrix Potter (writer), Jacqueline Onassis (First Lady), Robert Hooke (scientist)

29        Clara Bow (actress), Dag Hammarskjold (statesman), Benito Mussolini (dictator)

30        Henry Ford (industrialist), Emily Bronte (writer), Joan Negas (astrologer), Arnold Schwarzenegger (actor/politician)

31                Milton Freeman (economist), Wesley Snipes (actor)


1          Herman Melville (writer), Yves St Laurent (designer), Yvonne DeCarlo (actress)

2          Myrna Loy (actress), Ira Progoff (psychologist), Peter O’Toole (actor)

3          William Hamilton (scientist), Martin Sheen (actor)

4          Percy Bysshe Shelley (poet), Ely Culbertson (Bridge Champion), Elizabeth, Queen Mother (royalty), Yasser Arafat (political leader)

5          Guy de Maupassant (writer), John Huston (director), Sydney Omarr (astrologist), Andy Warhol (artist), Neil Armstrong (astronaut)

6          Alfred Tennyson (poet), Lucille Ball (actress)

7          Mata Hari (spy)

8          Dustin Hoffman (actor), Keith Carradine (actor), Esther Williams (actress)

9          Whitney Houston (actress/singer), Melanie Griffith (actress)

10        Herbert Hoover (US President), Norma Shearer (actress), Eddie Fisher (singer)

11        Arlene Dahl (actress)

12        Cecil B. De Mille (producer), Pete Sampras (tennis)

13        Alfred Hitchcock (director), Fidel Castro (political leader), Jacqueline Bissett (actress)

14        Magic Johnson (basketball), Halle Berry (actress), Daniele Steele (novelist)

15        Napoleon Bonaparte (Emperor), Princess Anne (royalty), Ben Affleck (actor)

16        T.E. Lawrence (adventurer), Madonna (singer)

17        Robert De Niro (actor), George Llewellyn (astrologer), Davy Crockett (frontiersman), Sean Penn (actor)

18        Shelley Winters (actress), Roman Polanski (director), Robert Redford (actor), Patrick Swayze (actor)

19        Coco Chanel (designer), Ogden Nash (poet), Jill St John (actress), Bill Clinton (US President)

20        Mario Bernardi (conductor)

21        Count Basie (musician), Aubrey Beardsley (artist)

22                Claude Debussy (composer)



Great desire to be recognised by everybody as the king. They like to do things on a grand scale, bringing inevitable admiration from others when they succeed. Unfortunately, they don’t always succeed. Given the right circumstances they can be very lazy, preferring to relax in the sun. Their minds, however, rarely go to sleep, and they are always thinking of something to do that will help them achieve their goal.

            Not great on detail, they prefer to see the larger picture, leaving the minutae to others. Like to create new things, partly due to being ego-driven and partly because they need love and attention from others and they see creativity as being one of the best ways to get this.



For description and treatment of problems listed below, please go to Appendix A.

·         Acute anxieties/stress, page 30

·         Osteoporosis, 70

·         Atherosclerosis, 31

·         Alzheimer’s disease, 63

·         Menstrual difficulties, 60




August 23-September 22

Some famous Virgo people


23        River Phoenix (actor), Gene Kelly (actor/dancer)

24        Friedrich Hegel (writer)

25        Leonard Bernstein (conductor), Sean Connery (actor), Anne Archer (actress), Elvis Costello (musician)

26        Richard Attenborough (director)

27        Theodore Dreiser (writer), Lyndon Johnson (US President), Mother Teresa (humanitarian), Antonia Fraser (biographer)

28        Johann Goethe (poet/philosopher)

29        Maurice Maeterlinck (playwright), Ingrid Bergman (actress), Elliot Gould (actor), Michael Jackson (singer)

30        Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (writer), Cameron Diaz (actress)

31        Wilhelmina (Queen), James Coburn (actor), Alan Jay Lerner (composer), Richard Gere (actor)


1          William Rice Burroughs (writer), Rocky Marciano (boxer)

2          Keanu Reeves (actor)

3          Charlie Sheen (actor)

4          Ivan the Terrible (Tsar), Anton Bruckner (composer), Richard Wright (inventor), Tom Watson (golfer)

5          Jesse James (outlaw), Darryl F. Zanuck (director), Raquel Welch (actress), Freddie Mercury (singer)

6          Nick Cave  (singer), Greg Rusedski (tennis)

7          Edith Sitwell (writer), Taylor Caldwell (writer), Buddy Holly (singer), Elizabeth I (Queen)

8          Antonin Dvorak (composer), Peter Sellers (actor)

9          Cliff Robertson (actor), Otis Redding (musician), Hugh Grant (actor), Michael Keaton (actor)

10        Arnold Palmer (golfer), Jose Feliciano (singer)

11        O. Henry (writer), D.H. Lawrence (writer)

12        Maurice Chevalier (actor/singer)

13        Clara Schumann (pianist)

14        Nicol Williamson (actor)

15        George Fenimore Cooper (writer), William H. Taft (US President), Agatha Christie (Novelist), Tommy Lee Jones (actor), Oliver Stone (director), Margaret Lockwood (actress)

16        Lauren Bacall (actress)

17        Anne Bancroft (actress)

18        Greta Garbo (actress), Claudette Colbert (actress)

19        Jeremy Irons (actor)

20        Upton Sinclair (writer), Sophia Loren (actress)

21        H.G. Wells (writer), Gustav Holst (composer)Larry Hagman (actor), Stephen King (writer), Bill Murray (actor)

22        Andrea Bocelli (opera singer), Michael Faraday (physicist)



A strange mixture of wanting to be a loner while at the same time always wanting to help others – and to know that their efforts are suitably appreciated. They can be very studious and pernickety, even to the point of becoming perfectionists – which can be a pain to everyone else! They worry a lot and almost seem to go out of their way to find something to worry about. Despite these shortcomings, which they see as strengths, they are likeable, diligent, practical and careful.



For description and treatment of the conditions listed below, please go to Appendix A.

·         Arteriosclerosis, page 31

·         Asthma, 32

·         Bell’s palsy, 64

·         Male infertility, 59

·         Cancer, 37

·         Gallstones, 46

·         Breast lumps, 35




September 23-October 22


Some famous Libra people


23        Bruce Springsteen (singer), Ray Charles (musician/singer)

24        F. Scott Fitzgerald (writer)

25        Will Smith (actor), Dmitri Shostakovich (composer), Glenn Gould (pinanist)

26        Olivia Newton-John (singer/actress), George Gershwin (composer), T.S. Eliott (poet)

27        Jayne Meadows (actress)

28        Brigitte Bardot (actress)

29        Miguel de Cervantes (writer), Greer Garson (actress), Lizabeth Scott (actress)

30        Truman Capote (writer), Angie Dickenson (actress), Deborah Kerr (actress)


1          Jimmy Carter (US President), Vladimir Horowitz (pianist), Julie Andrews (actress), Richard Harris (actor)

2          Mahatma Gandhi (leader), Sting (singer), Groucho Marx (actor)

3          Chubby Checker (singer)

4          Patti LaBelle (singer), Damon Runyan (writer)

5          Glynis Johns (actress)

6          Britt Ekland (actress)

7          Desmond Tutu (Archbishop), Vladimir Putin (President, Russia)

8          Jesse Jackson (politician), Sigourney Weaver (actress)

9          John Lennon (singer/composer)

10        Guiseppe Verdi (composer), Harold Pinter (playwright)

11        Dawn French (comedienne)

12        Luciano Pavarotti (opera singer)

13        Paul Simon (composer/singer)

14        Dwight D. Eisenhower (US President), Roger Moore (actor), Ralph Lauren (designer),  William Penn (Proprietor)

15        Sarah Ferguson (ex-royalty)

16        Oscar Wilde (writer/satirist), Eugene O’Neill (writer)

17        Arthur Miller (playwright), Rita Hayworth (actress)

18        Martina Navratilova (tennis), Jean-Claude Van Damme (actor)

19        John le Carré (author)

20        Mickey Mantle (baseball), Christopher Wren (architect)

21        Alfred Nobel (industrialist), Carrie Fisher (actress), Samuel  Taylor Colleridge (poet)

22        Franz Liszt (composer), Sarah Bernhardt (actress), Jeff Goldblum (actor), Joan Fontaine  (actress)



The most balanced of people in all ways, they veer away from extremism of any kind. They can be very diplomatic and go out of their way to try and keep the peace. Can be slow to make decisions, which others often find aggravating, but it’s only because they’re looking at all sides first so as to come to the ‘right’ decision. They are sensitive to the needs of others and like to anticipate their needs. They love beauty, dislike ugliness, and appreciate good art.



For description and treatment of the conditions listed below, please go to Appendix A.

·         Osteoarthritis, page 69

·         Eczema, 48

·         Bladder stones, 34

·         Hypoglycaemia, 50

·         Ulcers, 76




October 23-November 21

Some famous Scorpio people


23        Michael Crichton (writer)

24        Kevin Kline (actor)

25        Pablo Picasso (artist), Richard E. Byrd (explorer), Georges Bizet (composer)

26        Bob Hoskins (actor)

27        Dylan Thomas (writer/poet), Theodore Roosevelt (US President), Sylvia Plath (poet), Marlene Dietrich (actress)

28        Bill Gates (computer), Jonas Salk (scientist), John Cleese (actor), Nicholas Culpepper (astrologist), Julia Roberts (actress)

29        Richard Dreyfuss (actor), Winona Ryder (actress)

30        John Adams (US President), Ezra Pound (poet)

31        Jan Vermeer (artist), John Keats (poet)


1          Larry Flynt (publisher)

2          Burt Lancaster (actor), Daniel Boone (pioneer), Marie Antoinette (royalty)

3          Andre Malraux (writer), Charles Bronson (actor), Margaret Mitchell (novelist)

4          Martin Balsam (actor)

5          Vivien Leigh (actress), Art Garfunkel (singer), Tatum O’Neal (actress)

6          Sally Field (actress), John P. Sousa (composer)

7          Marie Curie (scientist), Leon Trotsky (revolutionary), Albert Camus (writer), Billy Graham (evangelist), Joan Sutherland (opera singer)

8          Katherine Hepburn (actress), Christian Barnard (surgeon), Philip Sedgwick (astrologer)

9          Hedy Lamarr (actress), Carl Sagan  (astronomer)

10        Richard Burton (actor), Martin Luther (church leader)

11        Fyodor Dostoevsky (writer), George Patton (military), Demi Moore (actress), Leonardo DiCaprio (actor)

12        Auguste Rodin (sculptor), Alexander Borodin (composer), Grace Kelly (royalty)

13        Robert Louis Stevenson (writer), Whoopie Goldberg (actress)

14        King Hussein (royalty), Claude Monet (artist), Aaron Copeland (composer), Prince Charles (royalty)

15        Georgia O’Keefe (artist), Erwin Rommel (military)

16        Burgess Meredith (actor)

17        Rock Hudson (actor), Martin Scorsese (director), Danny De Vito (actor)

18        Ignace Paderewski (pianist)

19        James Garfield (US President), Indira Gandhi (prime minister), Jody Foster (actress), Alistair Cooke (broadcaster), Meg Ryan (actress), Larry King (TV interviewer)

20        Robert Kennedy (politician), Bo Derek (actress)

21        Jean Francois Voltaire (writer), Goldie Hawn (actress)



Quiet and sensitive – until you disturb them! Scorpios mostly like to be left alone to think about things, which is often seen by others as a kind of shyness. Far from it. They are resourceful and have good man-management skills. Not afraid of confrontation, they can be forceful and demanding of others, while at the same time demanding loyalty. They never forget anyone betraying them and they find it difficult to forgive.



For description and treatment of the disorders listed below, please go to Appendix A.

·         Heart valve, probably mitral valve prolapse, page 61

·         Bronchitis, 36

·         Nephritis, 62

·         Epilepsy, 65

·         Male ejaculatory problems, 55

·         Female vaginismus, 77

·         Anaemia, 29

·       Astigmatism, 34



November 22-December 21


Some famous Sagittarius people


22        Charles de Gaulle (President), George Eliot (writer), Andre Gide (writer), Billie Jean King (tennis), Jamie Lee Curtis (actress), Benjamin Britten (composer), Boris Becker (tennis)

23        Harpo Marx (actor), Boris Karloff (actor), Billy the Kid (outlaw)

24        Toulouse-Lautrec (artist), Dale Carnegie (writer)

25        Andrew Carnegie (industrialist), Joe DiMaggio (baseball)

26        Tina Turner (singer)

27        Jimi Hendrix (musician), Bruce Lee (martial arts)

28        William Blake (poet/artist), Friedrich Engels (Marxist writer), Arthur Rubenstein (pianist), Alberto Moravia (writer)

29        Louisa May Alcott (writer)

30        Mark Twain (writer), Jonathan Swift (writer), Winston Churchill (statesman)


1          Lee Trevino (golfer), Woody Allen (director/actor), Bette Midler (actress)

2          Georges Seurat (artist), Randolph Hearst (publisher), Britney Spears (singer)

3          Maria Rillke (poet), Joseph Conrad (writer), Maria Callas (opera singer)

4          Baruch Spinoza (philosopher), Thomas Carlyle (writer), Edith Cavell (nurse), Wassily Kandinsky (artist), Francisco Franco (dictator), Jeff Bridges (actor)

5          Walt Disney (animator)

6          Ira Gershwin (lyricist)

7          Eli Wallach (actor), Ellen Burstyn (actress)

8          Eli Whitney (inventor), Jan Sibelius (composer), Diego Rivera (artist), James Thurber (writer), Sammy Davis Jr (entertainer), David  Carradine (actor), Kim Basinger (actress), Sinead O’Connor (singer), Mary Queen of Scots (royalty)

9          Kirk Douglas (actor), John Milton (poet)

10        Emily Dickenson (poet)

11        Alfred de Musset (writer), Robert Koch (scientist), Carlo Ponti (producer), Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (writer)

12        Edward G. Robinson (actor), Frank Sinatra (singer/actor), Helen Frankenthaler (artist)

13        Gustave Flaubert (writer), Edmund Van Dusen (writer), Dick Van Dyke (actor), Christopher Plummer (actor)

14        Lee Remick (actress), Nostradamus (prophet)

15        J. Paul Getty (industrialist), Don Johnson (actor)

16        Ludvig van Beethoven (composer), Jane Austen (writer), Margaret Mead (anthropologist), Arthur Clarke (writer), Liv Ullman (actress), Erskine Caldwell (writer), Noel Coward (writer)

17        Mike Mills (musician), Vanessa Zima (actress)

18        Paul Klee (artist), Ty Cobb (baseball), Keith Richards (musician), Steven Spielberg (director), Christine Aguilera (actress)

19        Jean Genet (writer), John Milton (poet), Edith Piaf (singer)

20        Anita Baker (actress), Kiefer Sutherland (actor)

21        Joseph Stalin (President, USSR), Jane Fonda (actress)



Adventurers and people of great imagination! Look at the host of writers and composers who share this sign. Have a love, and a definite need, for discovering new things. Like the centaur (half man and half beast), they are often regarded as having dual natures and personalities. But then, the centaur itself is a creature of the imagination, so it is not surprising.

            As well as being adventurous, they are also curious, inquiring, often scholarly, with high principles. Nevertheless, they can also be blunt and very much to the point. Make excellent teachers, musicians and writers of all types. Strangely, they can equally excel at sports – perhaps that’s the beast in them.   



For description and treatment of the disorders listed below, please go to Appendix A.

·         Chronic anxieties, page 30

·         Male impotence, 57

·         Female dyspareunia, 41

·         Cancer, 37

·         Indigestion, 52

·         Breast lumps, possibly cancer, 35



December 22-January 19


Some famous Capricorn people


23        Connie Mack (baseball)

24        Howard Hughes (producer), Ava Gardner (actress)

25        Conrad Hilton (hotelier), Cab Calloway (bandleader), Rod Serling (writer), Carlos Castenada (writer), Sissy Spacek (actress), Annie Lennox (singer), Isaac Newton (scientist/mathematician), Humphrey Bogart (actor), Alexander Scriabin (composer)

26        Mao Tse Tung (revolutionary leader), Henry Miller (writer), Richard Widmark (actor)

27        Louis Pasteur (scientist), Gerard Depardieu (actor), Sydney Greenstreet (actor)

28        Denzel Washington (actor), Woodrow Wilson (US President)

29        William Gladstone (prime minister), Pablo Casals (cellist)

30        Rudyard Kipling (writer), Tiger Woods (golfer)

31        Elizabeth Arden (cosmetics), Henri Matisse (artist), Anthony Hopkins (actor), John Denver (singer), Val Kilmer (actor)


1          J. Edgar Hoover (FBI), Paul Revere (rider), J.D. Salinger (writer)

2          Isaac Asimov (writer), Renata Tabaldi (opera singer)

3          J.R. Tolkien (writer), Mel Gibson (actor)

4          Louis Braille (inventor), Jane Wyman (actress)

5          Diane Keaton (actress)

6          Johannes Kepler (astronomer), Gustave Dore (artist), Carl Sandburg (poet), Alan Watts (writer)

7          Nicholas Cage (actor)

8          Elvis Presley (singer/actor), Prince Albert (royalty)

9          Richard Nixon (US President), Gracie Fields (singer), Simone de Beauvoir (writer), Joan Baez (singer), Susannah York (actress), Judith Kranz (novelist)

10        Rod Stewart (singer), George Foreman (boxer)

11        William James (writer)

12        Joe Frazier (boxer)

13        Horatio Alger (writer), Robert Stack (actor)

14        Albert Schweitzer (humanitarian), Faye Dunaway (actress), Joan of Arc (heroine)

15        Aristotle Onassis (industrialist), Lloyd Bridges (actor), Martin Luther King (civil rights leader)

16        Ethel Merman (entertainer)

17        David Lloyd George (prime minister), Al Capone (bootlegger/gangster), Muhammad Ali (boxer), Joe Frazier (boxer), Anne Bronte (writer), Benjamin Franklin (inventor/statesman)

18        Oliver Hardy (comedian/actor), Cary Grant (actor), Kevin Kostner (actor), Daniel Webster (senator/patriot)

19        Edgar Allen Poe (writer), Paul Cezanne (artist), Janis Joplin (singer), Dolly Parton (singer), Robert E. Lee (military)



Typically, Capricorns are always seeking new heights to scale. It is certainly difficult to keep them down because their natural place, it seems, is in high places, whether it be in social or business terms. They feel it is their right, since they are hard-working, well-disciplined, and have a highly-developed sense of responsibility.

            Despite this undisguised ambition, they tend to be both conservative and pragmatic. They know where they want to go and are often patient and tolerant as long as they know they are making progress towards their goals.



For description and treatment of the conditions listed below, please go to Appendix A.

·         Osteoporosis, page 70

·         Eczema, 48

·         Infertility, 59

·         Arteriosclerosis, 31

·         Obesity, 67

·         Gallstones, 46



January 20-February 18


Some famous Aquarius people


20        David Lynch (director), Federico Fellini (director), Patricia Neal (actress)

21        Christian Dior (designer), Jack Nicklaus (golfer), Placido Domingo (opera singer), Geena Davis (actress)

22        Lord Byron (poet), Francis Bacon (poet)

23        Stendahl (writer), Edouard Manet (artist), Jon Belushi (actor)

24        Neil Diamond (singer)

25        Robert Burns (poet), Somerset Maugham (writer), Virginia Woolf (writer)

26        Douglas Macarthur (military), Paul Newman (actor), Eartha Kitt (singer)

27        Wolfgang Mozart (composer), Lewis Carroll (writer), Jerome Kern (composer)

28        Colette (writer), Susan Sontag (writer), Alan Alder (actor), Jackson Pollock (artist)

29        Anton Chekov (writer), Germaine Greer (feminist), Oprah Winfrey (TV host)

30        Franklin D. Roosevelt (US President), Vanessa Redgrave (actress)

31        Franz Schubert (composer), Anna Pavlova (ballerina), Mario Lanza (singer), Norman Mailer (writer)


1          Clark Gable (actor), Boris Yeltsin (President, Russia)

2          James Joyce (writer), Charles Lindbergh (pilot)

3          Gertrude Stein (writer)

4          Fernand Leger (artist)

5          Barbara Hershey (actress)

6          Ronald Reagan (US President), Babe Ruth (baseball), Zsa Zsa Gabor (celebrity)

7          Sinclair Lewis (writer), Alfred Adler (psychoanalyst), Charles Dickens (writer)

8          John Ruskin (writer), Lana Turner (actress), Jules Verne (writer), James Dean (actor), Jack Lemmon (actor), Nick Nolte (actor)

9          Ronald Coleman (actor), Gypsy Rose Lee (entertainer), Carol King (songwriter), Joe Pesci (actor), Mia Farrow (actress)

10        Boris Pasternak (writer), Harold MacMillan (prime minister), Rabelais (writer), Bertolt Brecht (writer), Greg Norman (golfer)

11        Burt Reynolds (actor), Thomas Edison (inventor)

12        Charles Darwin (evolutionist), Abraham Lincoln (US President)

13        Kim Novak (actress)

14        Jack Benny (comedian)

15        Galileo Galilei (astronomer)

16        John McEnroe (tennis)

17        Thomas Malthus (economist), Marian Anderson (singer), Alan Bates (actor)

18        Yoko Ono (artist), John Travolta (actor)



They love to share what they have, especially knowledge – look at the type of writers born under this sign. Among the most friendly of people, they have a love of life and want the same thing for others as well. Their interest in other people is usually genuine and sincere and although is sometimes viewed with suspicion, once people understand this they can form strong bonds.

            Intellectually outstanding, they are also inventive and like gadgets and new things. Gregarious by nature, they like to work in groups and feel uncomfortable in isolation. Make good public speakers, although their content is often regarded as avante garde, radical, even bizarre.



For description and treatment of conditions listed below, please go to Appendix A.

·         Rheumatoid arthritis, page 73

·       APPENDI

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