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Natasha's Supermarket Rage

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When I do the weekly supermarket shopping, I feel that absolutely everything that the supermarket staff does and the way the shelves are stacked, are done to sabotage and inconvenience me.

It doesn't matter what time of day or day of the week I arrive at the supermarket, the staff are constantly engaged in activities designed to prevent me from getting the produce I want. They stick trolleys in the middle of aisles, they stick unmovable steel shelf units right in front of whatever it is I want to buy.

I am not tall, about 5 ft tall; however, everything that I wish to purchase is always on the top shelf, out of my reach. This is undoubtedly because I try to buy high quality or healthy items rather than the most expensive brand names. Hence, these expensive brand items are placed at eye level and everything else is high up, out of ordinary people's reach.

Not only do the staff throw numerous obstacles in my way; they also carry on talking, joking and carrying on, totally oblivous to the stress that doing the shopping constitutes to most people. Not only does one have to take the time and effort to choose the items required at a reasonable price, then transfer the items to the check out counter and then pack them into bags to fit into the trolley, sometimes on one's own, or with children who are easily distracted.

I find the entire shopping experience totally loathesome.


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