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Mike's Two premonitions! Or were they?

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Many years ago I worked in a car rental agency. I was on the evening and night shift, from about 4pm to midnight. It was not a particularly busy place at night and many of the people who rented were regulars and you got to know them a little. Quite a few customers flew in from America and you would see them a couple of times a year.

One evening I had the peculiar feeling that a certain businessman – he had rented from us once before to my knowledge – was going to fly in and rent a car that night. The feeling was so strong that I wrote up the contract, made sure the car was in a ready position and parked near the entrance. All he had to do was sign the form and drive off!

Since this is about premonitions you will have guessed that he did show up a couple of hours later. I thought he would be delighted, something to tell his buddies back home “Hey, you’ll never guess what happened to me …”.

Well, the fact is he was sort of horrified! That’s probably a bit strong, but a lot of Americans are very religious and I think he viewed me as some sort of devil. I’m not kidding! I thought at first he was going to refuse the car, but, grim faced and with hardly a word spoken, he took the car and left. I never set eyes on him again!

Another strange event took place in Cape Town, also a long time ago, while visiting a fair. I was with a few pals and we were in high spirits eager to get into the bumper cars and get some action.

I stopped to look at a game that was about to take place; I don’t remember the details of the game but what I do remember is the feeling that came over me! Looking at the game I knew for absolute certainty that the winning number was a 5. Absolutely beyond doubt!

I can still remember the heaviness in my arm when I placed my bet, as if it was being propelled without my volition. The arm was heavy and not only that but the hairs felt as though they were standing up on my head. They weren’t, of course, but felt that way. As they do when you see something bad is about to happen, an accident for example, knowing you cannot stop it from happening.

The number 5 did win and I have always called 5 my lucky number. Daft, I know, as numbers cannot be lucky but this was a very strange thing to happen and has never been forgotten. I have a feeling that something similar has happened since that time, but I cannot recall what it was.

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